Modern Slavery in Tribal Communities

Tribal communities often get the reputation of being exclusive and unwelcoming. This attitude can stem from the fact that Native American communities are hyper-protective of their own. So, it would be easy to think modern slavery isn’t issue among this population. Well, you would be wrong.

Native Americans, especially younger females, experience high levels of violence, abuse, and rape. In fact, according to federal data, Native women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted as women of other races. They experience a higher-than-average level of poverty and a lower-than-average rate of employment. Due to this, they are at an increased risk of abduction and disappearance and are easy targets for traffickers seeking to recruit them for commercial sex work.

“I think a lot of disappearances of young women can be tracked back to some sort of trafficking,” said Patti Larsen of Mending the Sacred Hoop, an organization focused on ending violence against Native women.

You can read more about Native women and human trafficking here.

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