What Can You Do?

As consumers, we hold the key to eliminating the forced labor of children and adults throughout the world. In a society that often values things more than people, this can present quiet a challenge and we may not know where to begin. As part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s (USDOL) 2018 List of Goods Produced by Child and Forced Labor, the following suggestions were given:

Ask questions.

  • Could some of the goods I buy be made by child labor or forced labor?
  • Do workers have a voice to speak out against labor abuses?
  • What are companies doing to end child and forced labor in global supply chains?
  • What are governments doing to combat child labor and forced labor?

Take action.

  • Empower yourself with knowledge and download USDOL’s “Sweat and Toil” and “Comply Chain” apps.
  • Make your voice heard by spreading the word among friends, family, and companies you buy from and invest in.
  • Show your support for organizations that are working to end these abuses.

Demand change. Advocate for a world in which…

  • Workers everywhere can raise their voices against child labor, forced labor, and other abuses.
  • Companies make serious commitments to ensure that global supply chains are free of products made by child labor and forced labor, especially those on USDOL’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor.
  • Your investments have a positive social impact by promoting responsible labor practices.
  • Governments work vigorously to adopt the country-specific suggested actions in USDOL’s Finding on the Worse Forms of Child Labor.

Read more here.

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